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World Class Backgammon - move by move

Collectors book - World Class Backgammon Move by Move from www.bgshop.com

Collectors book (very rare).
pub. 1988, pages 224.
by Roy Friedmann.

Price (excluding UK/EU/Europe): $115.75
(price UK: 85.00, EU/Europe: 102.00, Denmark: kr 722.53)

Three annotated matches
between two top players,
Bill Robertie & Rick Barabino.

About the book:
“Concepts in checker play and cube handling that have rarely, it ever, been discussed pop up throughout the book. ...Thorough, trustworthy, revealing, and unique, World Class Backgammon, Move by Move is the best match analysis I’ve ever read!”….Joe Sylvester.
”With painstaking care, each important position is broken down, rolled out, dissected and explained. The result is a level of detail and accuracy never before attained in a backgammon match book. ...A must-read for anyone serious about the game.” …Bill Robertie.
“Advanced? Definitely. …Accurate? Painstakingly. …Insightful? Yes. …Welcome, Roy, to the elite of backgammon analysts.”. …Danny Kleinmann.
“This extremely well-prepared book could serve as a harbinger for rethinking match strategy. …Friedman reveals information that has previously been known by only a handful of the world’s elite players.” …Malcolm Davis.
”Very instructive. I wish I could have read Roy’s book before playing those matches with Bill Robertie!” …Rick Barabino.