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Backgammon -  The Final Wind

v120530 Backgammon - The Final Wind by Chris Bray.  A book from Backgammon and Board Games Shop - www.bgshop.com

Intermediate - expert
pub. 2019, pages 158.
by Chris Bray

Price (excluding UK/EU/Europe): $39.00
(price UK: £27.50, EU/Europe: Ä35.00, Denmark: kr 250.00)

About the book:
This is the final book in the "Wind" series and covers articles from 2017 and 2018 plus some material written for the USBGF. The book comprises 110 articles written over the last two years.

The game of backgammon continues to evolve, and the last twenty-five years have seen a period of rapid development in the game. This is largely because of the advent of the backgammon neural-net computer programs, JellyFish, Snowie and, most recently, eXtreme Gammon. Consequently the modern expert player is light years ahead of his 1990s counterpart.

The material in this book covers not only the development of backgammon theory but also looks at the history of the game including some of its more famous and colourful players. Backgammon has never been short of interesting and colourful characters ranging from Emperor Nero to Lord Lucan.

The timeless characters such as the Dowager Duchess, Quentin Quickcube, Barry Bigplay and the Enigmatic Englishman that make up Chrisís menagerie continue to paint a vibrant picture of life in the high stakes chouette. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are on hand to lend instruction and Jeeves and Wooster provide some light-hearted moments.

Chrisís articles are targeted at a broad range of players and everyone from the casual player to the expert will improve their game by studying the diverse positions in this book.