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Backgammon Problems

v120420 - Backgammon Problems by Mike Corbett.  A book from Backgammon and Board Games Shop - www.bgshop.com

Advanced - expert
pub. 2007, pages 205.
by Mike Corbett

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(price UK: 34.00, EU/Europe: 43.00, Denmark: kr 320.00)

About the Author:
Mike (USA) has been playing for decades. He has consistently been voted for by his peers as one of the top players in the world, and is placed as #30 on the 2007 Giants of Backgammon bi-annual list compiled by Yamin A. Yamin.

About the book:
Although many of the issues may seem unrelated, the majority of the analysis is limited to a small number of tactical elements and how they are evaluated. In most cases the possible implications of match play on positions is ignored. The Snowie program is used liberally throughout.

What's been said by others:
Perry Gartner: Mike Corbett displays creativity, imagination, and craftsmanship in his erudite elucidation of key tactical concepts of play. His problems and solutions are fresh, provocative and informative.

Paul Magriel: Mike's book is not only articulate and fun to read, it is full of thought-provoking examples of problems that are accessible to many levels of player. It demonstrates Snowie's usefulness, while simultaneously pointing out its shortcomings. I highly recommend it!

Mike Senkiewicz: Kudos to Mike Corbett. This is one of the best problem Books I've seen. Creative, playful, and very smart, Mike shows us how to think outside the box while using Snowie as the assistance tool (and not final judge and jury) that it was created for. A+!

Kent Goulding: While those who worship at the altar of Snowie might find Mr. Corbett's writing irreverent or sacrilegious, he finds and excellent balance between exposing Snowie's evaluation flaws while respecting invaluable use as a research tool in this delightful series of well-written articles.
The backgammon is top notch, but is surpassed by Mike's wry wit and ability to entertain the reader while making his points. Definitely not another soporific, bland treatise on the correct way to play double ones in a long race.
Quotes from famous figures in history? Check
Suggestions on cooking exotic game? Check
Philosophical discussions of the human condition? Check
Sex therapy for the backgammon set? Check
"In short, in matters vegetable, animal and mineral, He is the very model of a modern Major-General" (Gilbert and Sullivan). The backgammon isn't bad either. I like Mike's book. Buy it.

Pete Maddock: Mike didn't just write a book. From cover to final page it is a playful, profound little piece of art.

Phil Simborg: I have just finished reading "Backgammon Problems" by Michael Corbett and highly recommend it for all serious backgammon players. Mike is a worldclass player, always in the top 32 in the world, winner of many tournaments. I know him personally and have discussed many positions with him...he's one of the most intelligent and creative thinkers in the game.
The book is much more than just a random study of positions...the way Mike investigates these positions gives the reader insight into the intricacies of backgammon which helps the reader understand what we should really do over the board. In addition, Mike provides insight into the working of backgammon computer programs, particularly Snowie, so that we can better understand how to use these programs to help us, and just as important, why those programs aren't always helpful.
But the book is even more than that...it just might be the funniest backgammon book ever written, as Mike provides vignettes and words of wit and wisdom on many other subjects...many of which have a loose connection with backgammon....but some are just plain fun if you are a wordsmith or interested in clever observations.
Thanks to Mike I have a much increased and fun backgammon vocabulary. In other words, BUY THE DARN BOOK!