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What Colour is the Wind?

v120350 - What Colour is the Wind? by Chris Bray.  A book from Backgammon and Board Games Shop - www.bgshop.com

Intermediate - expert
pub. 2002, pages 246. This edition 2008.
by Chris Bray

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(price UK: 24.91, EU/Europe: 29.89, Denmark: kr 211.74)

About the book:
The game of backgammon has developed significantly over the last four to five years. It is no coincidence that this development has happened in parallel with the arrival of sophisticated backgammon playing computer programs such as Jellyfish™ and Snowie™.

Chris Bray is the backgammon columnist for The Independent and has been playing and studying the game for over twenty-five years. In this anthology of his Independent articles of the last four years the arrival and influence of the silicon players can be clearly traced.

The material covers not only the development of backgammon theory but also looks at the history of the game such as the advent of the doubling cube and some of the more colourful players who have played the game. A menagerie of players such as Barry Bigplay, Nigel Natural and Quentin Quickcube help to paint a graphic picture of life in the high stakes chouette - the very lifeblood of backgammon.

Chris's articles are targeted at a broad range of players and everyone from the casual player to the expert will improve their game by studying the couple of hundred positions in this book.