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Meanwhile, back at the Chouette.

Book 3 of 12

Meanwhile, back at the Chouette by Danny Kleinmann. Backgammon Book.

Advanced - expert
Originally published 1981. 3. edition from 2007. pages 156.
by Danny Kleinmann

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, EU/Europe: 29.61, Denmark: kr 209.74)

About this book:
This book continues in the same vein as its two predecessors, with a heavy dose of Miss Lonelyblots' advice to the dicelorn. Notably, it contains my favourite chapter; a letter to Miss Lonelyblots from William of Ockham, and a review of a book by Gaby Horowitz, who put his then-wife Marcia Clark (of O.J. Simpson trial fame) through law school by his winnings while cheating at backgammon, that exposes Horowitz's cheating as well as his bad doubling theories.

What others have said about this and his collection of backgammon books:
Extensive content on cube theory with reference to money games, chouette and tournament matches.
Money players will soon find that their investment is recovered many times over.
Sound advice on the practical aspects of backgammon play (e.g., sections on hustlers, cheating techniques, and chouette money management).
Mathematical equations for pip count comparisons.
Insightful and often very amusing.
Technical articles on general subjects.
Seminal work on match play, money play, doubling cube, races, and more.
A wealth of backgammon information.
His dynamic prose never fails to keep the reader entertained.
Chouette play, strategy and tactics are his forte.
He is a mathematical genius, putting numbers on every conceivable aspect of the game.