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Vision Laughs at Counting
Advice To The Dicelorn

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Vision Laughs at Counting by Danny Kleinmann. Backgammon Book.

Double volume

Advanced - expert
Originally published 1980. 3. edition from 2007. Pages 465.
by Danny Kleinmann

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(price UK: 62.51, EU/Europe: 75.01, Denmark: kr 531.34)

Kleinman is the worlds leading backgammon theoretician. Vision Laughs at Counting was the first of his extensive collection of excellent backgammon backgammon books written in the 80's and 90's and are still relevant today. He use a number of fictitious backgammon characters to tell a backgammon problems (as stories).
This double volume set Vision Laughs at Counting with Advice to the Dicelorn explains some of the fundamentals of backgammon. At times some of his analysis is very mathematical but the results give a deeper understanding of the of the game.
The book covers all aspects of the game, including a pioneering chapter on the doubling cube and its use in match play, and introducing characters (including Colonel Whiteflag and Dianne Dialacube) who write complaining letters to Miss Lonelyblots (himself). Wrote noted backgammon author Barclay Cooke: "... this book puts all others to shame."

Backgammon author Chris Bray says about this book: "Recommended reading for anyone who wishes to really understand the game."

1981 Monte Carlo World Champion Lee Genud (reported by Kate Wattson and Les Levi):
"If you want to improve your game, watch good players. I don't buy the, philosophy that you need to play good players. And if you really want to be good, spend a year with Danny Kleinman's books."

1980 World Amateur Champion Russell Sands during a break in his famous match: "Danny, will you do me a favour? Remove The David Leibowitz Quiz from your book. The advice in that chapter, especially the solution to Problem 2, is just too valuable to give to the world, If you'll do this for me, then after I win this tournament I'll buy a thousand copies from you. "

Jerry Becker, successful Cavendish West "professional" (of VISION LAUGHS AT COUNTING): "They ought to BURN your book. I've never said that about a book before, not even Magriel's book. But what if Gogi* should try to buy a copy? I'd have to offer you twice the price NOT to sell it to her!"

Barclay Cooke in several letters (of VISION LAUGHS AT COUNTING): "I lent it to a friend, called him for it answer, 'I'm reading it' (in high indignation). Finally got it lent it. to Magriel, who still has it. As I have written in the front: 'Please return because this book puts all others to shame,' so maybe some day Magriel will give it back."

"The new and revised edition arrived today. Imagine a kid early Christmas morning being undecided which of his many presents he will open first. That's me exactly as I try to determine which chapter I'll start with... there's no doubt in my mind that you leave all others (writers) far behind. The only thing that will keep your book from running rampant throughout the backgammon world is that people will have to WORK to understand the complicated sections. And do they hate to work! They love to be told what they already know."

"Your characters rival Victor Mollo's menagerie."          *his* best "client" at the  time.

Comments by others about this and his collection of backgammon books:
Extensive content on cube theory with reference to money games, chouette and tournament matches.
Money players will soon find that their investment is recovered many times over.
Sound advice on the practical aspects of backgammon play (e.g., sections on hustlers, cheating techniques, and chouette money management).
Mathematical equations for pip count comparisons.
Insightful and often very amusing.
Technical articles on general subjects.
Seminal work on match play, money play, doubling cube, races, and more.
A wealth of backgammon information.
His dynamic prose never fails to keep the reader entertained.
Chouette play, strategy and tactics are his forte.
He is a mathematical genius, putting numbers on every conceivable aspect of the game.