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Sylvester vs. Ballard

Sylvester vs. Ballard by Kit Woolsey. Backgammon Book.

Advanced - expert
pub. 1994, pages 140.
by Kit Woolsey.

Price (excluding UK/EU/Europe): $42.00
(price UK: £30.00, EU/Europe: €42.50, Denmark: kr 275.00)

Annotated match.

About the book:
Joe Sylvester and Nack Ballard are two of the “Top 10” players in the world. In this book – one of a series of annotated match books available – world-class strategist Kit Woolsey takes you behind the scenes to show you how these champions plot their moves and how you can use their insight to improve your play.

Do you have difficulty protecting a sizeable lead when you get one? Do your opponents seem to close a deficit more easily then they should? If so, this book is for you. Joe Sylvester moves out in front quickly, then gives an exemplary demonstration of using checker play to steer into the most desirable positions, despite Ballard’s skillful attempts to complicate matters. Kit Woolsey’s annotations explain the nuances of playing to protect a lead without giving too much away.

About the players: Joe Sylvester and Nack Ballard have both been ranked among the world’s top-10 players for many years. Sylvester has an outstanding record in the World Cups, the premier test of backgammon skill. He finished first in World Cup I, third in World Cup III, and second in World Cup IV. Nack Ballard is a legend in backgammon for the extraordinary speed and accuracy of his play. His greatest tournament victory was in the massive Las Vegas Invitational of 1982.