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An Independent View

An Independent View by Chris Bray. Backgammon Book.

Advanced - expert
pub. 1998, pages 127.
by Chris Bray

Price (excluding UK/EU/Europe): $16.00
(price UK: 11.75, EU/Europe: 14.10, Denmark: kr 99.88)

About the book:
Chris Bray has been on the London backgammon scene for the last sixteen years playing at venues such as The Red Room, Stocks and latterly the Double Fives Club. He has honed his skills at these venues and has used them to good effect on the European and US tournament circuits.
For the last four years Chris has been the backgammon correspondent of the Independent newspaper. From producing the occasional article four years ago he has progressed to weekly columnist where his articles command a wide readership.
‘Backgammon – An Independent View’ takes the best of his Independent articles and mixes them with his other more technical articles to produce a book, which will appeal to all players. Everyone, no matter what their skill, will find something in these pages to raise the level of their game and show them new aspects of backgammon. It also has its more whimsical moments as none other than Sherlock Holmes provides some of the instruction.