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A Funny Thing Happened On
the Way to the Four-Point

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Four-Point by Jake Jacobs. Backgammon Book.

Advanced - expert
pub. 1997, pages 194.
by Jake Jacobs.

Price (excluding UK/EU/Europe): $54.40
(price UK: 39.95, EU/Europe: 47.94, Denmark: kr 339.58)

About the book:
Jake’s Writing – An Appraisal
The Fans
Danny Kleinman in correspondence: ”I regard inspiring Jake Jacobs to write about backgammon as one of the crowning achievements of my own backgammon career.”
Don Jayhan in CHICAGO POINT: ”For pure enjoyment and fun, there is no better writer than our own Jake Jacobs.”
Howard Ring in FLINTAREA BACKGAMMONEWS: ”Jake is an excellent storyteller.”
Carol Joy Cole in correspondence: ”You’re wickedly wonderful.”
The Critics
The Editors of PENTHOUSE in correspondence: ”Does not suit the needs of Penthouse.”
Yamin Yamin in YAMIN POINT: ”The Yamin Point has said ’no’ to Jake Jacobs.”
Jake Jacobs in CHICAGO POINT: ”Mr. Jacobs clearly has no concept of how to handle the cube at this match score. [His] article was pointless, as well as being unfunny.”
The Confused
Walter Trice in CHICAGO POINT: ”Jake Jacobs’ latest contains nothing but mystification.”
Yamin Yamin in CHICAGO POINT: ”Dr. Frankenstein was none other than Jake himself.”
A Teller in the Des Plaines National Bank: ”Is this supposed to be a ’J’?”
The Easily Amused
Ray Fogerlund in CHICAGO POINT: ”He is so, so funny!”
Marc Gray in CHICAGO POINT: ”Keep the laughs coming.”
The Discerning
Jim Painter in CHICAGO POINT: ”’Hong Kong’ is nonpareil.”
Carol Joy Cole in CHICAGO POINT: ” ’The Naked And The Dead’ was one of his best ever.”
The Covetous
Martin Lee in CHICAGO POINT: ”[’A Quick Match’] is a keeper.”
Mario Madrigal in CHICAGO POINT: ”Ask Jake Jacobs to save some Dong Dong Ju for me.”
The Well-Wishers
The Editors of THE ATLANTIC in correspondence: ”Best of luck placing it elsewhere.”
Jeremy Bagai in correspondence: ”Congratulations on having written the world’s most esoteric backgammon book.”
The Straight Poop
Howard Markowitz in conversation: ”I was sitting on the toilet, and I laughed out loud.”
For What It’s Worth
Marcy Sloan after reading ’Jake Goes Commercial”: ”Here’s a nickel.”
Noi in the Friendship Bar in Thailand: ”5 baht!”