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Winning with the Doubling Cube

Winning with the Doubling Cube by Peter Bell. Backgammon Book.

Intermediate - expert
pub. 1997, pages 196.
by Peter Bell.

Price (excluding UK/EU/Europe): $50.00
(price UK: 36.00, EU/Europe: 45.00, Denmark: kr 330.00)

The only book available expressly on the cube.

About the book:
”Backgammon: Winning with the Doubling Cube” is the first book from the Gammon Press devoted entirely to the proper use of the doubling cube. Players have long understood that mastery of the cube is the key difference between top pros and struggling amateurs. In this book, Peter Bell explains the secrets behind the doubling strategy of the masters. He shows how to evaluate positions, when to double, when to take or drop, and how to adjust your cube strategy to take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses. ”Winning with the Doubling Cube” is a groundbreaking book that should be part of every player’s library.