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Backgammon by Paul Magriel

Backgammon by Paul Magriel. Book.

This book is no longer in print.
Collectors copies of this book (used unless other is stated), can be found by clicking on this link:

Backgammon (the Bible) by Paul Magriel. Collectors backgammon book.

Beginner - expert
First published in 1976, pages 404.
This is the softcover reprint from 1996 of the world's most desired BG-book.
Backgammon by Paul Magriel. Also known as the "Bible".

Price (excluding UK/EU/Europe): $64.00
(price UK: 47.00, EU/Europe: 56.40, Denmark: kr 399.50)

Concise non-technical language, breaking down every aspect of backgammon so it’s easy to understand even when discussing advanced theories of the game. The definitive backgammon book. Can turn a beginner to an expert. Well written, logically organized, with numerous diagrams and clear explanations.

A must for any player!
Not only a backgammon for beginners book, also intermediate, advanced and expert backgammon players re-read the basics of the game from time to time.