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Backgammon For Winners

Backgammon For Winners by Bill Robertie. Backgammon Book.

pub. 1993, pages 192. 3rd. Edition.
by Bill Robertie.

Price (excluding UK/EU/Europe): $12.96
(price UK: 9.52, EU/Europe: 11.42, Denmark: kr 80.90)

About the book:
“Learn from the man acknowledged as the greatest backgammon player of his time.
Expert advice in easy-to-re, charts and explanations show the essentials of playing and winning, plus the inside tips and strategies of champions.”
Step-by-step, you'll learn the basics of setting up a board, how to move and conquer blots, and how to play a dynamic offence will give you an advantage right from the opening roll.
Winning Strategies for Club and Tournament Backgammon Beginner's Guide to Playing
More than 100 Easy-to-Understand Diagrams
How to Annotate a Backgammon Game
Advanced Backgammon Play
Powerful Openings
Dynamic and Winning Strategies
Step-by-Step Explanations of All Strategies
Three Sample Games With Move-by-Move Insights
Bill Robertie's Inside Secrets for Dynamic Winning Play