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Top Matches, Vol. 1

Backgammon Book - Top Matches, Vol. 1

Intermediate - advanced
pub. 1993, pages 99.
Published by Danish Backgammon Publishers

Price (excluding UK/EU/Europe): $16.00
(price UK: 11.75, EU/Europe: 14.10, Denmark: kr 99.88)

Learn from the Masters. 10 tournament matches
between some of the world's leading players.

About the book:
The Canadian Top player, Hal Heinrich, is one of the International Backgammon Scenes most popular and at the same time humble experts. When Hal won the World Championships in Monte-Carlo in 1990, he finally proved that what he had been doing for several years was a very efficient way of studying and improving the game. For some years now Hal Heinrich and Harald Johani (the German backgammon editor) have done a great job recording a large number of Tournament matches. Hal has proved for us what can be gained from studying these matches, learning from other Top players. In this book we have, in co-operation with Hal Heinrich, published ten matches played in 1992 between some of the world's most recognised backgammon players. There is a lot of knowledge and skill to be derived from studying the decisions of the experts. Nobody is perfect, so of course one can find misplays. But be aware that just because you disagree with the play doesn’t mean that you are right. The chances are that the expert made the right play – and you have something to learn. To add flavour to the raw text we have included diagrams. In some cases they reflect our uncertainty in others a useful case study or an educational point.