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Backgammon Cube Action 1000 -
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Quality tournament size backgammon sets.
UltraXL Backgammon Set *Special offer available now
Price (excluding UK/EU/Europe): $115.50. UK: 84.00. EU: 109.20
UltraL Backgammon Set
L backgammon boards: Export price $87.99. UK: 64.00. EU: 83.19
UltraM Backgammon Set
M backgammon boards: Export price $65.99. UK: 48.00. EU: 62.39
The cheapest entry level backgammon sets anywhere. Ideal for beginners or for travelling.
Economy Backgammon Set
Available in 3 sizes.
Small: Export price $14.40. UK 10.58. EU 12.69
Medium: Export price $20.80. UK 15.28. EU 18.33
Large: Export price $24.00. UK 17.63. EU
500 heavyweight clay poker chips in aluminium case
Price includes FREE SHIPPING
UK 36, EU 63
USA and Canada $118
100% plastic playing cards, 2 decks in plastic case
Inexpensive quality playing cards
Export price $5.01.
UK 3.68, EU
New exciting range of mother-of-pearl checkers for backgammon and other games.
Available in 5 sizes and 10 colours.
Export prices from $21 for set of 15.
UK 15.28, EU 18.33
They are HUGE!
Amazon XXL - elegant black tournament backgammon boards, with luxury checkers. 
Folding Table
Export prices $360.
UK 264, EU
Precision Dice
FREE priority shipping (4 or more)
Available in three sizes, ball corner backgammon dice, transparent or opaque.
Price per die
Export: $11.50
UK: 8.25 - EU/Europe: 10.25
Over 100 titles of new and out-of-print
backgammon books and magazines
Latest publication (April 2020)
How to Play the Opening in Backgammon, Part 1 A New Way of Thinking
by Bill Robertie
Recent publication (May 2019)
Backgammon - The Final Wind
Final book of the 6 book Wind Series
by Chris Bray
Recent publication (April 2019)
Endgame Technique - book 2 in the Backgammon Odyssey Series
by Michihito Kageyama and Roland Herrera
FREE Shipping Worldwide
Recent publication (September 2017)
Opening Concepts
by Michihito Kageyama and Roland Herrera
FREE Shipping Worldwide
Recent publication (August 2017)
The Backgammon Encyclopedia
Volume 2 Cube More Reference Positions

by Kit Woolsey
Recent publication (August 2017)
Backgammon in the Wind  
Chris Bray
Recent publication (Aug 2013)
The Wind of Change
by Chris Bray

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